The Love Hypothesis Book Review

The Love Hypothesis Book Review

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood
Note: All the reviews on my blog are written for the sole purpose of sharing my experience and enjoyment of the book reviewed.  My first language is not English so please forgive the possible multiple errors in grammar and misspelled words. Oopss! 

It is no secret that The Love Hypothesis is probably one of the most talked about books in social platforms. It’s also no secret that I’m a sucker for buying books just because I saw them on Instagram or Tik Tok even though I have no idea what the book is about. The difference with this one, compared to my previous read, is that I had a lot of high expectations for it. This had me a little worried because I usually mix genres when going from one book to another just so I don’t feel like maybe is the same old, same old and end up DNF’ing the book before giving it a real try maybe because I feel like I just read something similar previously.  Having read a contemporary romance/rom-com before this, I was doubting if I should read it or wait a little bit longer. My previous read also had the fake dating storyline in it.

But, my rules are made to be broken and so I did. Instead of picking anything that wasn’t another romance, I went straight into this one and OH BOY! I was deep in it before I even knew it. 

In The Love Hypothesis we meet Olive, a Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University who’s life pretty much revolves around science and not much else. Love for her was complicated, mainly because of her views on the topic or how she perceives it. Not having much experience with it or at least none that was good, you can say she pretty much, in her scientific mind, came to the conclusion that she was just not good at it, that there was something wrong with her. A very different scenario of that of her fairy tale, love believer friend Anh, who is the one responsible for Olive taking the difficult task upon herself of convincing Anh that she was in love and dating, just so her friend could also be happy. 

Enter, Dr. Adam Carlsen, big name professor with a reputation of being an ass, who just so happened to be quite hot. Olive, in a pure act of desperation, trying to convince her best friend that she in fact had a love life, she decides to grab and kiss the first man to cross her path just in time for her friend to see. That man being Adam, who in a turn of events, and much to Olive’s surprise, decides to go along with her fake dating plot. During their time as fake lovers Olive sees a different man than the one everyone describes as an ass and just plain hateful. Many other events between them during this fake dating time turn this plot upside down leaving them to be the test subjects of their own experiment.  

I must say that even though I love a good romance in a book, I love even more when I can relate so much to the female character and their struggles and insecurities in life. Olive is a character that reflects very well  the hardships that a lot of women face these days, and women in strong careers, that are mainly led by men,  even more. Now the romance in this book was just lovely, you will sigh often and feel butterflies in your stomach. You will laugh and smile constantly just like anyone who has been in love before. Your chest might tighten on occasion but you will be already too invested to quit. I can assure you that there will be a new book boyfriend to your list and you might be left with a little hangover, a product of the common emotional attachments we book lovers often create with our favorite fictional characters.   

The even better news is that Mrs. Ali Hazelwood apparently is all for not letting our hearts suffer from romance book hangovers and is ready to fill our hearts with good stories and our tummies with lots of butterflies to last us for a whole year, since there are planned multiple releases for 2022. Here’s a list of the books coming out as well as the links for pre order. Also you can grab your copy of The Love Hypothesis in the link below. Happy Reading!!!


SPICE: 2/5


Get your copy of The Love Hypothesis HERE




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