A Walk to Remember Book Review

A Walk to Remember Book Review

A Walk to Remember
A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks
Note: All the reviews on my blog are written for the sole purpose of sharing my experience and enjoyment of the book reviewed.  My first language is not English so please forgive the possible multiple errors in grammar and misspelled words. Oopss! 



When this book came out in October 1999 I wasn't into reading at all, so when the movie came out I had absolutely no idea it was based in a book. The movie is without a doubt one of my favorite movies of all time, even though I got into reading a couple of years after the book release, I read mainly books by Paulo Coelho and Jorge Bucay. The years went by and when I became a mom I would barely read, I think I read about four books in a course of ten years, basically I was in the biggest reading slump in history. I got back into reading in a time many people did the same, the pandemic. A lot of the popular books on social media were already being made into movies and tv series and I made sure to hold off on watching any of them until I read the book. That made me think of books like this one and The Notebook, books I had already watch the movie, without thinking it twice I went ahead and bought both.


Can I honestly answer if the book was better than the movie or vice versa? NO. To me the book and the movie are two completely different stories that share a title, some characters names and some of their story. For me the movie is 10% book. I love that movie so much, it's one of my all time favorites and one I can watch a hundred times and never get sick of it. There's no way for me to compare the two since to me they are so different. Still, having watched the movie first I think is the reason why I had so many expectations for the book. Now let's talk book.

For me this was a 3 star read. The book is short, only 224 pages long which makes the story move really quickly.  Even though Jamie's story is more similar to the movie than Landon's, I was left wanting more of those moments that make you inhale and exhale in an effort to keep you from crying. I had a lot of those in the movie. All in all this one is probably one of my least favorites from Nicholas Sparks, mind you his list of books is enormous and most of them are AMAZING. 

If you have yet to watch the film or read the book I would suggest reading the book first. You can grab a copy of the book in the link below.


A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks


Rating: 3/5 stars

Spice Rating: 0/5







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